Most Popular Friday The 13th Stories Of 2012

Most entertainment websites have created their "Best Of " stories for the end of the year utilizing a wide array of news and editorial pieces written for all films in many different genres. It's a fun exercise to show readers what took place within the current year as it comes to a close and reminds everyone of how rapid news in the movie business is reported. Since our website is specific to one film franchise, some people may think it hard to find enough stories to create a Friday The 13th "Best Of" list, but that is what's great about these films, there is 30 years worth of info to report on.

Knowing there is a lot of news we have posted and reported on in 2012, we have compiled our Top 10 Most Popular Stories of the year and have listed them below starting with number ten. We hope you enjoy the list and look forward to even more Friday The 13th news in 2013!

Top 10 Most Popular Stories Of 2012

10. Official Release Date And New Info Confirmed For Friday The 13th Book 'On Location In Blairstown'

      Author David Grove's new book, which will take a look at the entire production of the original 1980
      Friday The 13th, was first announced at the end of 2010, but we finally got an official release date and
      new information on the book. Fans are, needless to say, excited to find out more about this landmark

9. Crystal Lake Memories eBook Center

    The new eBook update to author Peter Bracke's acclaimed Crystal Lake Memories coffee table book
    was big news when it was announced in July 2011, but as news poured in about all aspects of the digital
    book, we created a centralized location to find out all about the eBook with Interviews, specs on the new
    book, and where to purchase for tablets and e-readers.

8. Full Details And Pic For Soundtrack Set Revealed

    Another news item that was first announced in 2011, but was a huge point of interest for Friday The 13th
    fans that longed to own soundtracks of the original six Paramount films! The music had never been
    released on CD or cassette previously and only small portions of the soundtracks of the very first three
    films were released on Vinyl in 1983.

7. New Jason Voorhees Part 3 And Part 4 Figures Revealed!

    The toy and collectible company NECA has reacquired the Friday The 13th license for 7.5 inch figures in
    2010 and afterwards had only released a smaller version of their 19 inch Friday The 13th 2009 Jason
    Voorhees. That all changed in the beginning of 2012 when the company announced they were releasing
    two new Jason Voorhees figures for which they fully debuted at the New York Toy Fair in February.

6. Comic Con SDCC Shows Off NECA Jason Voorhees In Packaging, Gives Release Date

    Five months later at the San Diego Comic Con, NECA officially revealed the packaging for the two new
    Jason Voorhees figures and offered release dates for fans. Many collectors were happy for the news!

5. First Look At Jennifer Cooke From Crystal Lake Memories Doc

    Actress Jennifer Cooke had taken the plunge and fallen off of the entertainment map shortly after acting in
    Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6. There were numerous fans that tried to track her down over the
    decades to get an autograph and promoters wanted her for convention appearances. Well, the folks
    behind the new Crystal Lake Memories Documentary tracked her down and offered the first glimpse of
    Jennifer by fans in over 20 years.

4. Is JASON VS JARVIS The Next Friday The 13th Film?

    The online community was abuzz about the news that Corey Feldman was actively pursuing a new Friday
    The 13th movie where he would reprise his role as the iconic Tommy Jarvis. Rumors swirled and some
    fans hold out hope he can get the movie pushed into production.

3. R.I.P. Susan Jennifer Sullivan (Melissa, Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood)

    For the better part of the first decade of the new century, the Friday The 13th community had heard
    rumors that Susan had passed away due to illness as so many fans, writers and convention promoters
    could not track her down and had been told similar stories. The sad news was realized by the crew of the
    Crystal Lake Memories crew this year and posted on the Doc's Facebook Page.

2. AMC Fearfest 2012 To Feature Friday The 13th Marathon

    In one of the most surprising developments of our young website, the news of the near entire Friday The
    13th film franchise being featured in a week long marathon on AMC's Fear Fest drew an almost record
    amount of views from our readers and outside visitors proving yet again that Jason Voorhees still has a ton
    of staying power among the fans.

1. Confirmed: Warner Bros. Acquires Home Video Rights To Paramount Friday The 13th Films!

    Quite possibly the biggest news fans could have received outside of the announcement for a new film was
    that Warner Bros. had acquired the home video distribution rights to the eight Paramount Friday The 13th
    film titles. This news not only got fans excited about finally getting the remaining five films on Blu-ray that
    Paramount never released, but the possibility of a twelve film box set has many fans salivating!