Official Release Date And New Info Confirmed For Friday The 13th Book 'On Location In Blairstown'

We learned at the beginning of September that the release date for Author David Grove's book, On Location In Blairstown: The Making Of Friday The 13th, was being changed from October 2012 to a date sometime on 2013. For a little Halloween treat for our readers, we decided to contact David Grove to find out when his book will be released in 2013 and along the way we also were given the go ahead to let everyone know that a very special Friday The 13th alumni has agreed to write the forward to the book.

First off, the new release date for the Friday The 13th 1980 book will be May 9th, 2013. Anyone who follows this website and has been a fan of the films for a period of time will recognize the significance of the month and day. May 9th is the day the original film was released theatrically in the United States. So that should make for a very historic day for Friday The 13th fans! 

The other bit of news that was mentioned by David is that special effects legend Tom Savini has agreed to write the forward for the book! This will make for a very nice opening to this extensive look at the original camp slasher. Look for promotional material and other information to surface soon for next years's release and read below for the official synopsis of David Groves book, On Location In Blairstown: The Making Of Friday The 13th.

About On Location In Blairstown: The Making Of Friday The 13th
On location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th covers the creation, planning and filming of the iconic 1980 film Friday the 13th in a way that no other film has been documented before.  Through the memories of the cast and crew, many speaking for the first (and last) time, as well as previously-undiscovered production information and materials, On location in Blairstown: The Making of Friday the 13th takes the reader "on location" and back in time to 1979 for the filming of Friday the 13th and behind the scenes for all of the adventures, conflicts and dramas that went into the making of one of the most enduring and popular horror films in history. 

David Grove is the author of the books Fantastic 4: The Making of the Movie (Titan Books), Jamie Lee Curtis: Scream Queen (BearManor Media) and Making Friday the 13th (FAB Press).  He has written for such publications as The Dark Side, Deathray, Dreamwatch, Fangoria, Film Review, Film Threat, Gorezone, Hot Dog, MovieMaker, Rue Morgue, Sci Fi, Shivers and Total Film.  He lives in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.