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Welcome to our Features section of the website. Here we link to the articles and stories that truly encompass all aspects of the Friday The 13th franchise and define the history and fan's love of the series.


Read these in-depth articles that explore the different facets of the Friday The 13th franchise.

Friday The 13th films offer many topics of discussion such as media and merchandise, but it's the many untold stories of the franchise that resonate with fans and leave a lasting impression that people will appreciate for years to come. Please visit our different Articles on the franchise and learn more about the films than you ever have before.

There has been many books and marketing materials created and written over the years and all serve the purpose to promote and inform fans on all of the Friday The 13th films. Along with those items, fans have added their own stories and ideas of what the franchise is all about. Below are links to not only the official marketing materials and novels written and created for the films, but fan films, reviews, blooper lists and an unofficial body count compiled by this website and the fans of the Friday The 13th film franchise.

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