The Friday The 13th Hockey Mask FAQ

We have a lot of fans write into the website asking where they can get a movie accurate replica hockey mask from their favorite films in the franchise as well as what material the hockey masks were made out of during production. This information can get a bit tricky, depending on who you talk to in the world of effects and replica artistry. After this past Friday The 13th, with so many requests for the same information coming in, we decided we would create a FAQ that would outline the basics and hopefully point people in the correct direction.

What Blanks Were Used In The Films
Blanks are what the masks are referred to before they are painted and weathered for filming. Below are the materials that have been said to be used for the masks in each of the Friday The 13th films, based on crew member's accounts from the production of the individual films.

Friday The 13th Part 3 -  Clear plastic
Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter -  clear plastic
Friday The 13th: A New Beginning -  The "Jason" hock was used from Part 3 and The Final Chapter. The "Roy" hock could be clear or black plastic
Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 -  Clear plastic
Friday The 13th Part 7: The New Blood -  ABS Plastic
Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan -  ABS Plastic
Jason Goes to Hell: The Final Friday -  ABS Plastic
Jason X -  Fiberglass
Freddy Vs. Jason -  Fiberglass
Friday the 13th 2009 -  Could be plastic or harder material such as Fiberglass.

Where To Purchase Replica Masks
There are huge number of great artists that can assist fans in painting their blank masks once they purchase them. It is said the paint and weathering on the mask is the most important aspect to screen accurate collecting. Although, we will not be listing every single artist that is available to paint masks, below are a group of websites that sell high quality blank replica masks as well as painted masks for fans to enjoy. (The order of the listing is not indicative of being better than another.)

JDF Studios FX
High quality plastic blanks sold along with straps and chevron kits

Jason Masks
Affordable painted masks sold with straps and made of a thick plastic

Crash Creations
Provides High Quality replica painted masks from the films with straps.

Fiberglass Masks
Includes painted and strapped fiberglass replica masks

We have not purposely left out any website that may conduct the same business as those listed above. If you feel you should be included in this list, or if any of the information posted above is inaccurate, please Contact Us and we will make the necessary updates.
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