• Jason Voorhees Invades Mortal Kombat X!

    It has been four long years since it had been rumored that Jason Voorhees would be included as a DLC in Mortal Kombat. Originally thought to be included with Mortal Kombat 9, Freddy Krueger ultimately took the slasher spot in that game, but now it has been revealed today that Jason is going to slash his way through the competition.

  • New Part 3 Behind The Scenes Images

    Last Halloween, we brought our readers an awesome lineup of images that depicted the original ending of Friday The 13th Part 3. The images gave fans the first clear look at how that cut ending would have looked on film. Billy Kirkus was nice enough to supply those images to us previously and now he has brought us a whole new slew of behind the scenes images to share from that film...

  • Friday The 13th Show Rumor Debunked

    This past Friday an "Exclusive" rumor was posted online that the upcoming Friday The 13th television show was heading into production this April and that the show might actually be landing at the TBS network. Considering the source of the story and contradiction of what we were told recently about the status of the show, we reached out...

  • Production Start Details For 2016 Film

    In a phone interview with Producer Brad Fuller, Esquire got the dirt on the tentative upcoming schedule for the next Friday The 13th chapter in the franchise.

  • New Film Release Pushed Back To 2016

    As many of our readers probably surmised over the last few months, Paramount was going to have a rough time getting the new Friday The 13th film out into theaters by November 13, 2015. Paramount is in total agreement as they have bumped the new film back...

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