• Production Start Details For 2016 Film

    In a phone interview with Producer Brad Fuller, Esquire got the dirt on the tentative upcoming schedule for the next Friday The 13th chapter in the franchise.

  • New Film Release Pushed Back To 2016

    As many of our readers probably surmised over the last few months, Paramount was going to have a rough time getting the new Friday The 13th film out into theaters by November 13, 2015. Paramount is in total agreement as they have bumped the new film back...

  • The Evolution Of Friday the 13th On VHS

    This is for all of you VHS geeks out there who are diehards of the coolest video format to ever hit the consumer market. Since this writer is not only a Friday the 13th fan, but a fan of home video media and their place in cinematic history, I thought it would be fun to explore the different incarnations of the Friday the 13th films on VHS...

  • Official Friday The 13th Video Game Announced!

    Crystal Lake Entertainment has added a third medium to experience Jason Voorhees and Crystal Lake. We have just learned an official video game is in development for release on October 2015!

  • Top 5 Prologues Of The Franchise

    Our Ranking The Franchise series continues today as we have now put together our Top 5 Prologues Of The Friday The 13th Film Franchise! This was a very fun list to put together as revisiting the openings of each film enhanced and reaffirmed our love of the franchise...

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