Jason Voorhees Actor Ted White Passes Away

This one hits hard, but the legendary actor and stuntman Ted White has passed away today at the age of 96. He lived a very long and fulfilling life that spanned decades of acting and stunt work for some of the most well known actors in Hollywood history. 

Ted's impressive career spans over five decades and includes many films and television shows as an actor such as the original Tron, Starman, The Hidden, Gone in 60 Seconds, Major League, Romancing the Stone and X-Files. Ted was also an incredible stuntman that doubled for John Wayne, Lee Marvin and Clarke Gable.

Of course, Ted’s turn as Jason Voorhees in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter cemented his legacy in the Horror genre and created one of the most frightening renditions of the character. Although I enjoy the films that preceded the The Final Chapter, it’s Teds performance that one hundred percent sold me on my fandom of Friday The 13th going as a kid and over thirty five years later. 

Ted was a gracious, no nonsense man that I met on several occasions attending conventions in recent years. I am not an autograph collector, but getting him to sign my first print VHS of The Final Chapter was an awesome experience. Having my favorite Jason actor sign that VHS that I’ve owned since 1986 is everything.

Convention All Stars owner Sean Clark posted on Facebook tonight that he learned of Ted’s passing, who died peacefully in his sleep, which I am glad to know. Rest In Peace my friend. You earned it.

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