First Details On The World’s First Fanfiction Graphic Novel ‘Jason Rises’

With not a lot happening in the world of Friday The 13th of late, we bring you some very welcome news in time for the Halloween season. I have always felt the comic and graphic novel arena has still been largely untapped with regards to Friday The 13th, and although comics of the franchise were made in the 2000’s, there is still a lot stories that could be covered via art and illustrations for fans to enjoy.

With that in mind, it is with great pleasure that our site can bring news of a brand new graphic novel in development titled Jason Rises! This new story will take place between the original 1980 film and Friday The 13th Part 2. The Kickstarter just launched today and there is a ton of different variations of novel and perks to choose from, including a soundtrack!

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Read below for a few more details and make sure to visit the Kickstarter page, where this project has already been fully funded. Impressive.

JASON RISES is a 92-page "Friday the 13th" fanfiction graphic novel created with genuine affection by writer Scott Alan Gregory and illustrator EV Cantada, two 80s kids who grew up obsessed with Jason and all things Friday the 13th. 

Set between Friday the 13th Parts I and II, JASON RISES faithfully captures the essence of the era; from the tropes, to the dialogue, to the settings, to the wardrobe, and even to the kills. Ultimately, JASON RISES aspires to feel as close to an authentic entry in the early Friday the 13th canon as a comic book can.  

There are three editions of the novel as well as three variant covers to choose from!

Mrs. Voorhees is dead. Still the terror continues...

Camp Crystal Lake is closed indefinitely. For a group of jaded delinquents and their court-appointed counselors arriving for a rehabilitation program, that means either going back to juvenile detention, or sharing a nearby cabin with a company of yuppies on a corporate team-building retreat.

While the two incompatible groups clash over bathroom space and amenities, what begins as a struggle for comforts ultimately becomes a fight for survival when a vengeful presence in the woods arrives to stalk and terrorize them all.

Jason is out there. Watching. Waiting. Mourning. Ready to kill anyone who dares enter his sanctum.

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