Harry Manfredini Teases New Friday The 13th Game

We have been teasing that a lot of big projects are forthcoming for fans in the near future and one of those projects has now been released into the fandom by legendary Friday The 13th film composer Harry Manfredini. We thought this would be held back for an announcement later in the year, but Harry has revealed that a new Friday The 13th video game is in the works!

Indeed a new company will be developing the video game and Gun Media will not be involved for this go around. William Lockwood attended this past weekend’s Camp Crystal Lake Reunion where Harry revealed to him the following, for which was posted at www.relyonhorror.com:

During our conversation, he also revealed that he will be working on a new, as yet unannounced Friday the 13th game being developed by a different company than the previous one produced by Gun Media and featuring “more realistic looking” characters. The game will supposedly be done in a different style to that of the previous asymmetrical multiplayer title, says Manfredini. He didn’t know many other details about the game beyond his involvement..

Look for a full announcement coming in the near future!

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