Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 1: Anniversaries, Documentaries And Crystal Lake

We have kicked off our new endeavor for the site that will eventually lead us to a new podcast in the near future. Friday The 13th Spaces will be be a weekly or bi-weekly live and recorded discussion session using Twitter Spaces where we will talk about topics related to Friday The 13th. Some episodes will be updates on franchise projects, but we will also invite guests to talk about their involvement in past films or their upcoming projects.

In this first episode, the anniversaries of Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood and Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday are discussed, also the new Jason Goes To Hell documentary being released this year, as well as what we would like to see in new documentaries in the franchise. Of course, we also give some brief updates on the Crystal Lake television show.

Click on the episode link to be taken to Twitter and listen to Friday The 13th Spaces Episode 1.               

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