Confirmed: Warner Bros. Acquires Home Video Rights To Paramount Friday The 13th Films!

A little under three weeks ago we brought our readers the first news on the possibility that Warner Bros. had acquired the home video distribution rights for the first eight films in the Friday The 13th film franchise from Paramount Pictures. In the initial announcement, Warner Bros. sent out a press release stating that they acquired the home video rights to over 600 Paramount titles from their catalog. The release, however, did not mention all of the film titles that were included in the new deal, but we were pretty sure the Friday The 13th films were included.

This news of course is of great interest to the fans as Paramount has yet to release the final four films from their entries into the franchise on Blu-Ray. Also, this would open the door to a full twelve film box set of the entire film franchise. The possibilities of such a box set is enormous. Up until this weekend, we were still not sure if Warner Bros. did acquire the original eight Friday The 13th films as our inquiry into the subject was only responded back from Paramount Home Video with a standard "not sure, we will look into that". Well, now we have seen great news surface from a very reliable source!

Producer Dan Farrands, who is currently working on the Crystal Lake Memories Documentary on the film franchise, posted on his Facebook page that he has confirmed that Warner Bros. has acquired the home video distribution rights to the eight Paramount Friday The 13th films! Oh boy, we will have to hold on to see what will transpire with all of the titles in the near future, but Dan also mentioned that Paramount has not yet decided if they will release a full twelve film box set or if they will release the films on an individual basis. Either way, this is joyous news for fans who are not only hoping to complete their Blu-Ray collection, but now may have an opportunity at the unthinkable, a full twelve film box set!

Stay tuned for more details on this situation as it develops!


From Dan Farrands
I was interviewed recently by a fan of the series and that's how I was told that Warner Bros. had definitely gotten the rights to the Paramount F13th titles. For the record, I've had no direct communications with Warner Bros. and can't confirm or deny whether or not there are any plans for a Blu-ray set or even if Warners has acquired distribution rights to F13th. I'd love nothing more than to see a complete box set of the entire series with some kick-ass bonus features, but until there is an official announcement from Warner Bros. we'll just have to wait and hope for some Friday the 13th good luck!"