Could Warner Bros. Release Missing Friday The 13th Blu-Ray Films, Mega Box Set?

Friday The 13th fans have been very disappointed at the fact that Paramount Pictures is unwilling to release the final five films of their franchise collection on Blu-Ray. In 2009, Paramount released the first three films on Blu-Ray after the rebooted, Platinum Dunes produced, Friday The 13th hit theaters in February. After that initial Blu-Ray release, Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter through Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan were released in  Deluxe Editions only on DVD. With the news we broke this past May about the future of the Blu-Ray releases, it has been looking very bleak for those fans that have been waiting patiently to complete their Blu-Ray collection.

There is some news today that was reported by Market Watch, a division of The Wall Street Journal, that might spark some hope for those missing Blu-Rays as well as a small possibility of a mega box set release that would include all twelve films part of the franchise!

Paramount Pictures has entered into a home media distribution agreement with Warner Bros. that will allow Warner Bros. to distribute 600 Paramount titles under the Warner Bros. brand! This distribution deal is for three years, only valid for Canada and the United States and will begin on January 1, 2013. This could be a huge win for Friday The 13th fans as the possibility of Warner Bros. not only releasing the remaining films on Blu-Ray could be imminent, but then they would also hold the rights for an entire, complete box set of the Friday The 13th film franchise! The deal between the two studios also allows for the 600 Paramount titles to be made available on Flixster as well as the UltraViolet platform.

So this all sounds exciting, right? Well, the bad news to this point is that we cannot confirm if the Friday The 13th titles are part of the deal Paramount struck with Warner Bros. It has been reported that Paramount franchises such as Transformers, Star Trek and the Indiana Jones films are NOT part of the deal, which may not bode well for us fans as Friday The 13th is a lucrative home media franchise that Paramount may not be willing to part with. We have reached out to Paramount to see if the films are going to be in the Warner Bros. stable and we will let everyone know when we find out the details.

If the films are included, we are in for a real treat, as mentioned by Ron Sanders, president, Warner Home Video:

"These Paramount catalog titles are the perfect complement to the Warner Bros. library; they will allow us to offer consumers new multi-feature film packages and debut many titles on Blu-ray for the first time,"

So, stay tuned as this story develops. What does everyone think? Would you buy the ultimate box set of Friday The 13th films?!

Source: Market Watch
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