Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan

Paramount Pictures Presents
U.S. Release July 28, 1989    U.S. Gross $14,343,976
1 Hour 30 minutes

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About The Film
The Big Apple's in big trouble as indestructable psycho-fiend Jason Voorhees hits the road to New York -- and paints the town "red"

After a shocking return from the grave, the diabolical Jason ships out aboard a teen filled "love boat", bound for New York, which he soon transforms into the the ultimate voyage of the damned. Then one of his terrified victims escapes into the nightmarish maze of Manhattan's subways and sewers, only to confront Jason one final time.

A Storytelling Autopsy (Look at the storytelling mechanics of film)
Viewed from a distance of twenty-three years, JASON TAKES MANHATTAN is best viewed as an excavated time capsule from a long-lost civilization. The late '80s culture on display- haircuts and fashions, slang and John Hughesque teen angst- is so central to the movie that the entire affair often seems like a prolonged bumper-ad for a block of pre-reality show MTV programming. Even the title city is an alien landscape to today's New Yorker. Vancouver back alleys aside, the scenes of filthy streets, graffiti-lined subway cars, and rough neighborhoods is strongly at odds with today's post-Giuliani gotham.

Theatrical Trailer
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