The Opening Boat House Scene Storyboards Of 'Jason Takes Manattan'

Most Friday The 13th fans lamented the thought of Jason going to New York when word spread that Paramount was taking the franchise out of Crystal Lake and heading to the Big Apple. Fan and critical reaction gave a lot of merit to those thoughts as the general consensus over the years is that Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan ranks as one of the less desired of the series.

With that being said, most people agree that the opening, not surprisingly set in Crystal Lake, was one of the few highlights of the film. In order to outline how the opening of the film would play out, storyboards were created to give the director and crew a step by step account of how the scene would look as filmed. Below are storyboards of the opening of the film where Jason was resurrected via underwater power lines and boarded the boat of teen love birds Jim Miller and Susie Donaldson.

Notice that Jason is referred to as Ethan in the captions of the images, a naming convention that was also used in the Call Sheets and script for the film. This was done to protect the production from others finding out that a new Friday The 13th film was in production.

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