Jason Goes To Hell: The Final Friday

New Line Cinema Presents
U.S. Release August 13, 1993    U.S. Gross $15,935,068
 1 Hour 28 minutes

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About The Film
Jason Voorhees, the living, breathing essence of evil, is back for one fierce, final fling. Tracked down and blown to bits by a FBI task force, everyone now assumes that he's finally dead. But everybody assumes wrong. Jason has been reborn with the bone-chilling ability to assume the identity of anyone he touches. The terrifying truth is he could be anywhere. Or anybody.

In this shocking, blood-soaked finale to Jason's carnage-ridden reign of terror, the horrible secret of his unstoppable killing instinct is finally revealed. And once you know the chilling facts, you'll see him in your nightmares. And he'll see in you in hell.

A Storytelling Autopsy (A look at the storytelling mechanics of the film)
When we last saw Jason Voorhees, sewage waste had seared away his evil, leaving behind only the innocent child he'd once been. Or something. At any rate, forget all that, because as JASON GOES TO HELL begins, there's no attempt to connect the new film with the previous installment. That's perhaps understandable, considering how wildly off-course TAKES MANHATTAN had gotten.  Recognizing that fans had rebelled against outlandish concepts like Jason taking a cruise, a timeline-busting back-story for PART VIII's heroine, and (well...) that toxic waste purifying bath, the producers of the new film surely wanted to return the series to its stable roots. READ MORE -->

Theatrical Trailer
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