Original Storyboards: The Decent Of Jason To Hell In Jason Goes To Hell

Many Friday The 13th fans and general movie goers simply despise and laugh at Jason Goes To Hell as one of those weird quirky films that has absolutely nothing to do with the film franchise. The complete 180 degree direction of the film compared to the previous entries was a very big sore spot for fans who were eagerly awaiting a new Jason adventure in theaters in the early 1990's after New Line Cinema bought the rights from Paramount Pictures. Expectations really killed fan's hopes for the film, but one thing is certain, the special effects in Jason Goes To Hell are the most intricate and well executed in the entire Friday The 13th film franchise.

Since there was a much heavier emphasis on the supernatural elements for the film, Jason Goes To Hell had elaborate stunts and effects to help make up the story. Below are some of the original storyboards created for the ending of the film (Provided by the Crystal Lake Memories eBook), for which Jason has begun his decent into Hell after being stabbed with the magic dagger in his heart by his niece Jessica. The scene has been a topic of much controversy because of the original intention to use a model set for the sequence, which then was scrapped for practical filming with the actors.

You can see that as the sequence was illustrated, the idea was an exciting premise. However, translating it to film is always a difficult task.

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