Could Friday The 13th Fans See 1/4 Scale Jason Voorhees In 2014?

Last year saw a plethora of Jason Voorhees figures produced by NECA for which fans were able to purchase brand new 7 inch figure from Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter as well as a Mego 8 inch Jason from Part 3 and an excellent NES Video Game Jason. Our readers are always anxious to see what else is coming from the film franchise and Jason and so of course the question is what can we expect next from NECA?

Some ideas and rumors have been floating around the last few years that we could see a new pre-Uber Jason X figure in the 7 inch size, but something that is gaining in popularity of late are the 1/4 scale figures for genre characters such as the Michael Keaton 1989 Batman. One collector on Twitter asked NECA if they were planning on producing such a scale for Jason Voorhees for which the idea was not entirely shot down.

According to NECA, the figure is on the maybe list for 2014, but there is no definitive plan as of right now. We are sure that a 1/4 scale Jason would sell great and generate buzz for future renditions of the character in that scale. The question is, which Jason Voorhees would our readers like to see? Stay tuned to see if this scale release comes to fruition in 2014!
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