Original Storyboards: Jason Lives Head Counselors Encounter With Jason

After the exciting and unpredictable opening of Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6, it was hard to imagine what was going to happen next with a new zombie Jason Voorhees lurking in Crystal Lake, er, Forest Green. What is even more fun about the events following the opening prologue is that Director Tom McLoughlin jumped right into killing more hapless victims, something that had not been done since Friday The 13th Part 3.

Jason's encounter with head counselors Darren and Lizabeth on the road to Camp Forest Green kept with the tone of the opening of the film and left one counselor without a face and the other with a lot of groin pains. Below are original production storyboards provided by the Crystal Lake Memories eBook depicting the initial encounter of both counselors with Jason Voorhees and their subsequent deaths. In the film, Darren is killed by being impaled in the groin area and flipped over the head of Jason. However, the storyboard shows a slightly different impaling as Darrin gets the fence post through the stomach and then exits through his back. Everything else depicted in the storyboards follows what was seen in the film

The differences are not a huge deal, but it does show that small changes can be made to a scene before it is filmed. Let us know what you think of the storyboards and if anything here surprises you.

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