'The Conjuring' And 'Insidious' Creators Good Fit For Friday The 13th (2015)

This article must first be prefaced by the fact that Paramount Pictures is leaning towards a "found footage" film for the next Friday The 13th sequel, due out on March 13, 2015. With everyone knowing that, and if Paramount is serious about creating something commercially appealing and successful, then they should seriously consider going after Writer Leigh Whannell and Director James Wan for the new Friday The 13th film. The two paired up to create the original Saw film as well as Insidious and Wan directed one of the scariest modern Horror films in recent memory with The Conjuring.

Although their films have not been shot in a "found footage" frame of reference, the style James Wan employs definitely gives the impression of such a filming style with the uncanny ability to make the audience feel like they are actually in the horrifying circumstances being witnessed on screen. Who knows if Paramount could talk the writing and directing duo into creating a Horror film that would have Jason Voorhees chasing teens around with handheld cameras and telling a tale with lost footage? Perhaps, most importantly, Whannell and Wan could talk Paramount out of the found footage concept altogether and sell them on their style of film-making. Most fans hope that would be the case at least.

Right now, James Wan is in the midst of trying to complete his work on the seventh film in the Fast And Furious film franchise, but by Spring, he could be available for work on the next Friday The 13th. If Paramount really wants to deliver a film that is commercially appealing and go with a film style that's hot right now, there's none hotter or more successful than what Leigh Whannell and James Wan are creating in the Horror genre in recent years.
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