NECA 'The Final Chapter' Jason Voorhees Figures Coming 2013

During the San Diego Comic Con, the newest NECA Jason Voorhees figures were put on full display for everyone to witness with release dates for both incarnations of the slasher figure. Both versions of the Friday The 13th Part 3 Jason went on sale this past August while the Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter figures had a tentative Winter date. Recently, NECA announced via their website which month we can expect Series 2 of their new line of Jason figures.

NECA has announced that mid January 2013 will be the time to buy both versions of Jason Voorhees from The Final Chapter! For those not familiar, there will be two different Jason figures from the classic film. The "Regular" Jason will come with a machete and axe, while the "Battle Damaged" Jason will come with machete and butcher knife. Look for the 7.5 inch figures in stores such as Toys 'R Us and online retailers coming this January!

Source: NECA
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