Friday The 13th Part 2 Jason Voorhees Attending 2013 Convention

This past weekend we brought you news that one Jason Voorhees actor was joining a 2013 convention which should make a lot of fans happy who are autograph collectors. Another Jason actor is sought after for appearances and that is the uncredited actor from Friday The 13th Part 2, Steve Dash. The story is well known now, but for those who do not know, Steve was not credited as Jason, but merely as a stunt double for Warrington Gillette, who was credited for the role of the maniacal killer. It was later learned in the early to mid 2000's that Steve Dash portrayed Jason for the duration of filming, especially for all of the scenes where Jason appeared on screen with the sack mask.

Steve Dash is now considered by all fans to be the person who truly portrayed Jason Voorhees in Part 2 and now he has been announced to appear at the Full Moon Tattoo & Horror Festival March 29-31, 2013 in Nashville, Tennessee. For more information on the event and location of the convention center where the show will be taking place, please visit their website at

Source: Full Moon Inc. Facebook