Film Location: Part 8 New York City Diner

Even though many fans rank Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan near the bottom of their lists for the franchise, there is still no denying the initial excitement of seeing Jason in the middle of Time Square. Through time, more and more information on the shooting locations for Part 8 are being discovered and now the filming location of the Diner that Jason follows Rennie and Scott into in New York can be shared with the fans.

The Diner was called Hastings Mill Restaurant and is located at 156 West Hastings Street. Not too surprisingly, the restaraunt is a Diner located in Vancouver, B.C., Canada. In fact, it’s worth noting that most of the alley scenes, the rooftop boxing match between Jason and Julius and the Diner scene were all shot on one city block. It is simply amazing to see how the production crew utilized a central location to film as much of the New York scenes as possible.

Below is a call sheet from the film which has a hand drawn map of the city block used to film the Diner scene and the others mentioned above.

The Diner is no longer in business, but below are photos that are as recent as 2009.  The first photo is a wide shot of the block the old Diner is located on. In that photo the old Diner is the building to the left. The building to the far right is actually the Vancouver School of Film! The two photos below are closeups of the old Diner.

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