Friday The 13th Blu-Rays Released Only With New Sequel

It is news no one wants to hear or read about, but the fact that fans have not had the opportunity to purchase the Paramount Blu-Ray releases of Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter through Friday the 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan has been a huge sore spot for fans the past three years. This writer contends that the DVD releases of these films are perfectly reasonable to own and are a great addition to the Friday The 13th film library with loads of extra content. The picture and sound quality for the 2009 Deluxe DVD releases are superb compared to earlier DVD releases, so you are urged to track this down and purchase them now. Here is the big reason why.

Paramount Pictures will not be releasing the Blu-Ray discs for the aforementioned remaining Paramount films anytime soon! We are told that it is basically a matter of financial viability. Simply put, it is believed that the studio will not make back enough money to produce Blu-Ray discs of the films. Internet piracy is the main culprit as many of our readers know someone that enjoys downloading films illegally online. The practice is all but killing the home video market and Paramount is wary of this. So, how can we get these long sought after films on Blu-Ray? Much the same way we got the Deluxe Edition DVD's and Blu-Rays the first time around, a new sequel in theaters.

We were informed that if Warner Brothers decides to greenlight a new sequel, then Paramount would be interested in releasing the other films on Blu-Ray. A brand new film raises awareness and creates an overall public need for the films on home video. One other way to possibly get The Final Chapter onward up to Jason Takes Manhattan released on Blu is for a huge critical and financial success of the new Crystal Lake Memories documentary. Although it seems less likely for the documentary to spearhead Blu-Ray resurgence for the Friday The 13th films, it is a possibility. Of course, this could all change at a drop of a hat, but the simple fact stance of right now is, that sadly, Paramount will not be releasing the Blu-Rays for the remaining Paramount Friday The 13th films in this calendar year. Beyond is another possibility.