First Look: Kevin Bacon Pursues Killer In The Following

At the beginning of February we brought you news that Kevin Bacon was jumping into the television drama game with a new serial killer show written by Scream scribe Kevin Williamson. The new show has Bacon tasked with chasing down a serial killer that has escaped from prison. Sounds like a by the numbers show we've seen before, right? Well, this show is slightly different as the serial killer being tracked has created a "following" of would-be serial killers in training and they are bent on aiding their leader in completing his ultimate goal.

Fox has now released new photos of the cast and a pretty awesome preview, which is below. Kevin Bacon never tracked down Mrs. Voorhees or her son Jason in the Friday The 13th films, as he was one of the first victims of the series, but now he gets his chance for a little revenge to help stop a vicious killer. Watch the preview below, visit the The Following Facebook page, and let us know what you think of Kevin joining this very interesting and exciting new show!