Dan Mumford Variant Friday The 13th Poster

Our visitors and staff at the website are big fans of variant posters pertaining to films in the Friday The13th franchise as talented artists can really bring out the personality of an individual film through their illustrations. Recently, we spotlighted a Friday The 13th Part 7 variant poster that featured certain characters from the film with a lake backdrop, but we shift our focus today to the original 1980 film with work from artist Dan Mumford.

Dan used the classic silhouette of the faceless killer holding a knife and then beautifully illustrated the Crystal Lake setting with cabin in the background. He places the familiar Camp Crystal Lake sign close in frame with another iconic image, the hockey mask, to compliment the overall work. This is an awesome print for a variant poster for the film and was featured this past January at the Dark City Gallery. There were three versions of this work offered for sale. Two variants with different color and depth designs are currently for sale, but the final poster version with movie text has long since sold out.

Take a look at the work below, and if interested in purchasing the available variants, please visit Dark City Gallery for more information.


Also make sure to visit Artist Dan Mumford's website for all of work for other films!