Friday The 13th: The Obsession Teases Deleted Pics And Feature Run Time

Since the successful conclusion of the hit web series, Friday The 13th: The Obsession, this past April 13th, fans have now been asking if there is going to be a DVD release and what the details of that release will be. For those people who have not been following all of the events of the web series, originally, fans had an opportunity to contribute funds to help produce the Friday The 13th show, and in exchange, those contributors would receive a DVD. If you contributed more money from the baseline, then you would receive mention in the credits and then prop masks and so on.

For those people who are receiving the DVD of the web series, which includes the re-cut, full feature length version of the series, here is some info from the Facebook page for the series.

Friday The 13th: The Obsession Facebook
10 more minutes of footage will be added to the feature film version of the web series and should run about 80-82min. Will have director cut commentary as well.

There was also a few images posted from previously cut scenes from the series that will be added back in. Those are below. When the full length movie is sent out on DVD, we will have a review for everyone to read that compares how the feature length experience differs from webisodes.