Revamped Friday The 13th Documentary To Push New Sequel?

When filming of Friday The 13th (2009) was taking place in 2008, it was then announced that the first ever documentary on the Friday The 13th film franchise was going into production as a sort of companion piece to the new film. The first documentary, His Name Was Jason, was released in February 2009 on DVD and select television networks, very close to the theatrical release of the new rebooted Platinum Dunes film. It was a smart idea as the franchise was being reinvigorated with a new movie and why not finally get some juicy information out to the fans at the same time, when the popularity of the series was at an all time high.

His Name Was Jason was a nice success and worked well for those fans that were not as much a die-hard as others may have been. For all fans, it was great to see new on-camera interviews with the cast and crew of the films, but there were many people, including Producer Daniel Farrands, that felt the documentary was a little flat and lacked the true in-depth content and information that Friday The 13th fans deserved. Now, with the announcement of the new documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary, we will all receive the most comprehensive look at the film franchise ever imagined. So, what could this mean for the long delayed sequel to the 2009 reboot?

Is it truly possible that a revamped film franchise documentary can be used to push a major studio to see the rabid popularity still exists for Jason Voorhees? We tend to think so. Nothing talks larger to corporations than money and if Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary scores big points with fans, and scores big profits in DVD and Blu-Ray sales, then we could see a role reversal of sorts with this situation. Four years ago, a new film helped propel interest in a documentary. Perhaps, now, an uber documentary could propel a new film? Sound crazy? We shall see, but this writer knows one thing, Friday The 13th fans are devoted and nowhere near as turned off from the previous film as say, Freddy Krueger fans were of their mostly hated 2010 Night On Elm Street remake.

The years 2012 and 2013 could be the biggest years yet for Friday The 13th!