New Images From The Set Of Crystal Lake Memories Doc

With the new Friday The 13th documentary Crystal Lake Memories: The Definitive Documentary in full swing, brand new images are being posted to the official Facebook Page for the documentary which show guests during their interviews being taped for the show. A few days ago we wrote about and featured some of the first guests brought in for the show. Last night more images were posted from the documentary shoot and one actor in particular looks to not have aged much in the last 27 years.

John Robert Dixon is one of the Friday The 13th: A New Beginning stars that really has not been heard from much since his stint as Eddie in A New Beginning back in 1985. Below you will see that he looks very much the young guy that took Tina in the woods and thought wearing Tommy's mask was a fun idea. Other actors were interviewed yesterday and we have their images as well, such as Julie Michaels (Agent Marcus, Jason Goes To Hell), Danielle Panabaker (Jenna, Friday The 13th 2009), and Richie (Ben Feldman, Friday The 13th 2009).

These actor's on set images are below, but scores of others can be found at the Official Facebook Page for the documentary ( We will update new information when it becomes available!