Friday The 13th: The Obsession Feature Film Online Soon!

There are a lot of Friday The 13th fans that have been hoping to have the chance to watch Friday The 13th: The Obsession as a full feature film, instead of separate episodes, which is how it was released originally last year. Until now, the only way to watch the series as a feature film was to get the DVD as part of contributing to upcoming Timberwolf West productions. However, now we have some good news for everyone as an online film version will be available to watch very soon!

Timberwolf Producer Tim Whitfield posted in our Discussion Forum about the online film presentation and the difference between what you will see online and what people will get on the DVD. This is great and

From Our Forum
Just finished up the online version of the Obsession feature. Basically its just the web series edited together as one long feature and runs 1 hour and 9min. Has a few sound amps/fixes also. nothing new as far as content.

Originally i was gonna hold off on the online feature version, but since the DVD version is 12min longer (about 82min), two more kills, more Jason scenes,has commentary, cover artwork and all that there is really no reason to hold off on this online hour long version as its really just the web series strung together.

It will go online this weekend sometime.

The DVD version will be ready and start shipping by the end of June (in time for Friday July 13th) to the donation/investors Obsession. You can also get it by investing in our new 80s slasher film.