Friday The 13th Goes Back To The 80's With Jason 8-bit Project

A few years ago this writer was made aware of a pretty awesome fan made endeavor that was based completely on the addictive, but completely ill-conceived Nintendo game from 1988 called Friday The 13th. We all know the sorted shortcomings of the game with one of the most glaring problems resting with Jason himself. In the game, Jason Voorhees wears a purple jumpsuit with a light blue hockey mask. It makes no sense and seems like the creators of the game had no idea what the character really looked like. To correct the egregious error, the guys at Jack's Attic put there creative minds together for the 8-bit Jason project.

The project basically asked the question, what if the Nintendo game offered fans a chance to pick a certain version of Jason to play in the game. To illustrate how Jason would look for the different versions of Jason from Part 3 through Part 8, an 8-bit Jason was created from each of the aforementioned films. Below, you can see the different Jason characters with an appropriate background. Check out the images below and let us know if you would have more of an affinity to play the old Nintendo game if you had a chance to play as one of these different Jason's!