Kevin Bacon To Attend New York Comic Con

As we well know, mega superstar Kevin Bacon has been a highly sought after Friday The 13th alumn for autographs and appearances for many years. Typically, fans need to attend his Bacon Brothers' band concerts in order to have a chance to meet Kevin and get his signature on one of many film's posters and other memorabilia. Television studio execs have also been after Mr. Bacon to appear in any one of many projects for network T.V. and up until this year, all who have tried have failed. So it was quite frankly shocking that Kevin signed onto the Fox Serial killer drama The Following, debuting this Fall.

For his part in the show, Kevin has been out completing promotions at various venues, and now he will be heading out to one of the biggest conventions of the year. On Sunday October 14th, Kevin Bacon will be attending this year's New York Comic Con to support and promote his new show The Following. This will be a great opportunity to hopefully meet and ask questions of the famed Friday The 13th 1980 star.

For more information on the event, make sure to visit the NYCC website and see how you can be involved in the annual event!