Friday The 13th And Halloween Double Bill In Theaters This October

By now, most Horror fans are aware of John Carpenter's classic Halloween being re-released back into theaters starting October 25th. With a brand new documentary being shown in front of the movie, it will make for a huge event for fans that have never seen the original slasher classic on the big screen. The re-release, however, looks to be only showing in theaters in the United States, so one theater looks to make this a memorable month for not only Halloween fans, but Friday The 13th fans as well who live outside the United States.

Prince Charles Cinema, located in the London, has cooked up something special for our U.K. readers. On Monday October 8th, they will be hosting a Double Bill of Halloween (1978) and Friday The 13th (1980). Check out there banner ad below and for more information on the Monday night event, make sure to check out there website, We wish everyone lot so fun who will be attending in a few weeks!