Jason Asks You To Support Anti-Bullying

Jason Voorhees hasn't always been a bringer of death and destruction. Although his mass murdering ways have created fear for the Crystal Lake region, Jason himself once felt fear and isolation as a child. Many fans know the story of a young little Voorhees boy that was shunned by townsfolk and bullied by his peers due to his mongoloid appearance. Even though Jason eventually would grow up to kill numerous vacationing teenagers in the lake region to avenge his mother's death, one has to assume that bullying also contributed to Jason's rage and appetite for death.

Bullying is a very serious problem for today's youth, so we thought we would bring our readers an interesting way to support anti-bullying. TeeHut has created a cool T-shirt for sale via REDBUBBLE that has our young Jason Voorhees simply stating, "Don't Be a Bully....". Check out the pics of the artowrk and shirt below, and if interested in buying this shirt, make sure to visit TeeHut's Sale for more information.