Friday The 13th 2009 Writers Mention Their Lost Sequel

It has been a long time since anything has been mentioned about a new sequel in the Friday The 13th film franchise. This past May we wrote a story about how the new documentary, Crystal Lake Memories, might spark some interest in getting a new Friday The 13th film into production. It is a long shot, but is a positive in the correct direction. So, with little talk or news about the further adventures of Jason Voorhees, fans have been left truly wondering what is going to happen with the franchise.

Last night we were tipped off by one fan in our Forum that the Twitter account for screenwriters Mark Swift and Damion Shannon had mentioned some little tidbits about their proposed sequel that was turned into Warner Bros. a few years ago, but has yet to have been given the greenlight. Some of what the writers mention below is already known to some, but go ahead and read what they had to say. Fans' of the original 1980 film should be encouraged if the sequel script ever gets into development.

From Twitter
tlyon2 Q:Just wondering will the next sequel be to the original series or reboot series? Many are hoping it's to the original series. 

Shannon&Swift A:More a sequel to first (in spirit) since we go back and once again open Camp Crystal Lake. Plus lots of other surprises...

People have been asking us for sequel news and although this is pretty small, this is something to look forward to if and when it does happen!