Is JASON VS JARVIS The Next Friday The 13th Film?

Everyone who follows our website and reads our stories knows that we are pretty much on top of things when it comes to sequel talk and news. It's not easy, but we like to think we got all of our bases covered when it comes to finding out about the next Friday The 13th film. One of the more interesting plot points fans have been hinting at wanting to see for the next sequel in the film franchise is the return of the Tommy Jarvis character as he really was the meat of the films that so many fans adored in the 1980's.

Back in 2008, interviewed Producer Brad Fuller of Platinum Dunes and the idea of Tommy Jarvis was being kicked around at one point to be included in the 2009 film. Ultimately that idea was dropped, but there was serious consideration given to bringing the character back and that was pretty exciting. Fast forward to last year when a big bombshell was dropped on us as the Producer of Tommy's latest movie, Six Degrees Of Hell, passed a long an exciting bit of news.

First of all, Corey wants us to know that he is extremely grateful to the Friday the 13th fans for their support over the years. He is very aware of our enthusiasm for the film franchise and as such is currently working towards developing a new film that would bring the Tommy Jarvis character back to the screen!

Of course, many fans expressed interest in our story and most everyone gave a thumbs up. So now comes word today that should make Friday The 13th fans even more excited. Although, it is still a long shot to see Corey get Tommy Feldman back in theaters against Jason Voorhees, this here is more great news.

MovieWeb posted an interesting story today about a potential new Friday The 13th film titled JASON VS JARVIS, which would put Tommy Jarvis up against Jason Voorhees once again! And get this, Corey has enlisted Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter writer Barney Cohen to help develop the script!

From MovieWeb
"The idea is something we have been brewing for a few years. Its something I thought up, maybe, ten years ago. Then the fans came to me. They said, "Hey, we want to do this, what do you think?" I said, "I think it's a great idea." They said, "We saw your interview where you were talking about it, and now we want to really get it going." So, we took it to the studio. Now we are in the political arms of the studio. We will see what happens. It is something where I have been talking to the original writer, Barney Cohen, about it. He wrote the original Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter script. And we have talked to the original producers of that script, and the original director. It has gone through the pipeline. We will see where it lies."

So there you have it! Will this happen? it's hard to say, but the fact that the possibility of a big number of people involved in The Final Chapter might be working on a new film is pretty big news, especially knowing that this idea seemingly has been pitched to Warner Bros. For more on this news, please visit More to come on this as it develops!