Crystal Lake Memories Documentary Release Slew Of Camp Images

It has been quiet on the news front when it comes to the new Friday The 13th documentary of late, but that has now changed as of today as a bunch of new image stills have been released on the Facebook page for Crystal Lake Memories. The amazing images show host Corey Feldman and author Peter Bracke immersed in what looks to be a reenactment of the infamous campfire scene from Friday The 13th Part 2. Where will this scene fit into the new documentary? We can't tell...... yet.

Check out the images below where Producers Daniel Farrands and Tommy Hutson join in the fun. Look for the Friday The 13th documentary to hit stores in Spring 2013!

Corey Feldman and Peter bracke

Peter Bracke and Daniel Farands

Peter Bracke and Producer Thommy Hutson