Setting Up The Scene: End Dream Sequence For Part 3

It is always interested to see how filmmakers go about setting up scenes before they shoot for the finished film. Behind the scene images of these setups are a great time capsule of how each production goes about their scene setup and for Friday The 13th fans, they are a treasure trove of information that are priceless.

Below is an on-set photo of the preparation for the dream sequence that Chris (Dana Kimmel) experiences towards the end of Friday The 13th Part 3 after she slams the axe into Jason’s head in the barn and then takes a canoe onto the lake.

Most fans know by now that there were multiple endings written for the end of the movie, and an alternate ending even filmed, but the jump scare scene that made it into the infamous finale of Part 3 took more than a little work to accomplish. For this scene, Mrs. Voorhees was played by Marilyn Poucher, the wife of Associate Producer Peter Schindler. According to Dana Kimmel, the scene was supposed to be a one take situation, but of course it went more than one take.

Imagine doing multiple takes while being drenched with water and prosthetic makeup. Talk about a smelly situation!

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