Nintendo 8-bit Friday The 13th Anthology Game Concept

All of the Friday The 13th fans want a new and updated game based on the film franchise and for more than fifteen years, it is the fans and their creative abilities that have been producing a number of non-licensed electronic adventures for others to play on their computers  Everyone loathes Nintendo's Friday The 13th game from the late 1980's, but it is with that nostalgic feeling that many more people embrace the game for the era it was released and appreciate that at least one company made a commercially licensed video game for the films.

Although we may never see a next generation game for Jason Voorhees, technology and even more creative fans push forward and today we bring you an awesome concept for an old school 8-bit video game titled Friday The 13th Anthology! The idea was conceived over at the Freddy In Space website with artist Frank Browning and truly aims to deliver a fun gaming experience. Note: This game is fictitious, but the cover art and screen caps for the game project are nothing short of spectacular.

The idea for the game is that you can play in different movie environments or even a Mortal Kombat style face off with other characters. For more images and information on the fictitious game concept, please visit and revel in the what could have been!