The Holy Grail Screen Used Hockey Mask Surfaces Again With New Pics

Last year our website brought our readers a story about the Holy Grail hockey mask that was used during the filming of not only Friday The 13th Part 3, but was also used in filming Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter as well as Friday The 13th: A New Beginning! It is an extreme rarity to use the same prop in consecutive films, but the fact that such an iconic prop was used in three films is beyond priceless. A detailed explanation of where the mask was used in each film can be found in our article from last year.

Dick Warlock, famed stunt actor and coordinator, who coordinated stunts on A New Beginning and also played The Shape in Halloween 2 (1981), had owned the hockey mask for many years as well as the Jason Voorhees hood worn in the final dream sequence of A New Beginning. It was discovered in 2011 that Mr. Warlock had indeed sold the hockey mask/hood combo to an unknown buyer which got the collecting community into a frenzy. The questions asked were if the fans would finally get decent images of the mask that had eluded collectors and fans alike for so many years and who was the mystery buyer. Now, there are some answers.

Posted at are the newest images of the screen used hockey mask and hood along with the new owner and Dick Warlock. Check out the images below and let us know what you think. This writer would build an impenetrable vault to store what could be the most valuable prop in known existence from the Friday The 13th film franchise.

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