Friday The 13th: A New Beginning

Paramount Pictures Presents
U.S. Release March 22, 1985    U.S. Gross $21,930,418
1 Hour 32 minutes

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About The Film
Jason is back, hockey mask and all. And he's up to his old maniacal tricks in Friday the 13th Part V -- A New Beginning. This time he seems to have set his sights on the young patients at a secluded halfway house. And more than a few of his teen targets end up in half, in quarters ... you name it, Jason does it.

This is the fifth scary installment in the Friday the 13th saga. If you liked the the first four, and think you're up to getting back on Jason's bloody trail, you'll love Friday the 13th Part V -- A New Beginning.

A Storytelling Autopsy (Look at the storytelling mechanics of the film)
A fifth FRIDAY THE 13TH was an easy call for Paramount pictures. Produced cheaply, easy to advertise, and guaranteed to secure a profit, the series was, at this point in 1985, the most successful horror franchise on the market. Possibly of all time. Killing off the central character of the saga had produced massive interest (and box office receipts) for the fourth film, but created an uphill challenge for the next batch of filmmakers. Later on in the series Jason's resurrection became a dismissive afterthought, but at the time it must have seemed an impossible task. READ MORE ->

Theatrical Trailer
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