'Friday The 13th: A New Beginning' Exhibitor Trailer Shows Lost Dialogue

One of the great things about being a rabid fan of a film series is the ability to find new information about a particular part of the franchise and share it with other fans. You might find lost scenes, characters, dialogue and so on and so forth. Although this Exhibitor trailer has been around on Youtube for a few years, there may be visitors to the website that have never seen it before.

Below is a portion of a video created for theater owners, Paramount shareholders and other studio people about the future of Paramount. This is much like a promo reel that television studios run for executives before they put the commercials on air. In the Friday the 13th: A New Beginning trailer below, there are three things to point out and notice.

One, listen for a little bit of a Star Trek soundtrack when Gramps is thrown through the window at Pam. The second item of note is the lost dialogue of Pinehurst Director Mathew Letter reading through the records of Tommy Jarvis. Most of what Matt says in the trailer is never spoken in the theatrical film. The last item to notice is the title of the film itself. The title they use, Friday the 13th: A New Beginning,  is what this website uses as a title to reference whenever we speak about the movie that features the psycho Roy Burns and company.

Of course, Paramount would later go onto add in "Part 5" to the title of the film, but we all know the true title of the film. Sit back and enjoy the trailer and lets hope more of these kinds of promotional materials turn up in the near future!

Warning! Brief Nudity.

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