Could Tommy Jarvis Be Returning To Friday The 13th?

It has been most every Friday The 13th fans dream to see the Tommy Jarvis character return to the film franchise. He was the one solid constant that gave the series consistency when many people felt there was none. While communicating with Six Degrees Of Hell Writer and Producer Harrison Smith, we learned Tommy's return could be a possibility.

Corey Feldman has been working hard on Harrison's newest film, and during the shoot, Harrison learned of some exciting news and thoughts from Corey about his Tommy Jarvis character that he wanted us to pass on to all of our visitors. First of all, Corey wants us to know that he is extremely grateful to the Friday the 13th fans for their support over the years. He is very aware of our enthusiasm for the film franchise and as such is currently working towards developing a new film that would bring the Tommy Jarvis character back to the screen!

Of course there are a lot of things that would need to be worked out to make this a reality, however, it is indeed encouraging to know that Corey is actively working to reprise his role in Friday the 13th. If any other updates on this news become available, we will be sure to let everyone know!

One last note, Harrison wanted to let everyone know that Corey was gracious, generous and a real pleasure to work with on Six Degrees Of Hell. Below are some on-set photos by the famous haunted hotel where the filming took place. Make sure to visit the official website for the film to catch up on all of the gory details!