First Look At Jennifer Cooke From Crystal Lake Memories Doc

There are a few members of the Friday The 13th film's cast that fans have been very anxious to hear from and see how they have been doing over the years. Some of those few members have been extremely difficult to find and track down, especially for face to face interviews and on camera. There are the likes of Director Steve Miner as well as Kevin Bacon, but one actress in particular has had fans asking what happened to her.

The Crystal Lake Memories crew have found the answer for that actress, and below is the first image of Jennifer Cooke (Megan, Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6) for the documentary. Big Thanks to Producer Dan Farrands for sending this pic into the website. Fans will be over joyed having a glimpse of the actress and will be even more interested to hear what she has to say about her role in Jason Lives!