Jason Voorhees Used To Promote Good Cholesterol?

Jason Voorhees has been used to market many things, such as films and merchandise and the character has made Paramount and New Line Cinema/Warner Bros. a lot of money through the past 3 decades. One thing we never thought Jason would be used to market is good cholesterol, or at least that's what the people behind Aloe Cholestop Bioenergy Nutrition (ACBN) want you see.

The Italian Ad Agency Alch1m1a was commissioned to create a new advertising campaign to promote ACBN's low cholesterol item and cater it to the Horror community with the likes of not only Jason Voorhees, but Ghostface from the Scream film franchise and the creepy puppet from the Saw film franchise. Below is the advertising image for Jason Voorhees which is molded from the newest lookk of Jason from Friday The 13th 2009.

First there was that Burger King ad created for the Dubai market, and now this for Italy. When will the United States get such an awesome campaign for Horror fans?