Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Jarvis House Up For Sale

The Jarvis family home portrayed in Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter is one of the most iconic symbols of the franchise as the film itself is looked to by many as the definitive take on Jason Voorhees and the series. There have been scores of movies shot on location at the house in the years following the Friday The 13th franchise's visit to Topanga Canyon, California. There are a lot of fans that aspire to own parts of the film franchise and now you can own perhaps one of the biggest pieces of history from the Friday The 13th films as the Jarvis home is up for sale!

The home itself isn't very old as it was built in 1979 and contains 9 acres of land. So if you have some money and can afford the cool 1.675 million dollar price tag, all of the The Final Chapter's history can all be yours. Take a look at a recent photo from for the house and check out our Film Location Page for the film with photos from some huge Friday The 13th fans that visited the home recently as well!

There have been many movies filmed at the home, as pointed out in our Forum. If you had the money, would you buy this property?