Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter Filming Locations

Filming Locations:
Valuzet Movie Ranch (Also known as Melody Ranch Motion Picture Studio): Newhall, CA
- Kelly's Gulch (private residence) : Topanga Canyon, CA
- Zaca Lake: San Rafael Mountains in Santa Barbara County, CA

The film production stayed in California for the fourth movie in the franchise as Friday The 13th: The Final Chapter marked the only time that two films in the franchise were filmed at the same location. The opening of The Final Chapter was filmed at the Valuzet Ranch location where Friday The 13th Part 3 also took place. Visit our Part 3 location page for more information and images for the ranch location.

The majority of filming took place where the Jarvis family took residence in the film. The house is a private residence and has been used for numerous film productions like My Girl 2, Ed Gein, Eraser and many other films. The party house seen in the film next door to the Jarvis house was built just for the filming of The Final Chapter and was a shell house with no interior to speak of.

One location used for filming was the lake scene where the teens go skinny dipping and that was shot at the mountainous area of Zaca Lake. The lake is used for retreats and group camping expeditions part of the Zaca Lake Foundation.

Kelly's Gulch
(Topanga, CA 90290. Note: We do not list full addresses of private residence.)
Stacy Lee was generous enough to supply us with some great photos of the location for the Jarvis House. A great big thank you to her for these awesome photos!

Zaca Lake
(San Rafael Mountains in Santa Barbara County, CA)

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