New Jason Voorhees Part 3 And Part 4 Figures Revealed!

We have been building up some pretty big hype for NECA's new Jason Voorhees figures to be released in June and September of 2012 with anticipation of not one, but two brand new additions to their collection. We were teased on Twitter by NECA back on January 13th with a pic of Jason's head from Friday the 13th: The Final Chapter, then on January 27th, a photo was released of a new Jason figure representing Friday The 13th Part 3. Well, today the New York Toy Fair began and now fans can get an up close look at everything involved with this new line of 7 inch Jason figures.

Starting wtih Jason from Part 3 (released in June), there will be two interchangeable heads, one head with the cleaner version of the hockey mask and then one with the ax mark and blood splatter. Accessories include ax, spear gun and machete. The machete, ax and gun are all very detailed and match what the weapons looked like in the movie, almost with perfection. Kudos to NECA for even taking great care to do their best job to match the color of Jason's shirt and pants as close as possible to what is on screen!

New Images (via  (via DreadCentral) )

The figure from The Final Chapter (released in September) is equally as impressive as it comes with an ax, butcher knife and machete. Sadly, the corkscrew was not included (We were hoping for something unique from the movie to be included!) This figure also has two removable heads. One head has the ax wound in the head only and the other will have the machete wound in the side of the head. The two hockey masks included with have both one version with all three chevrons and the other will be more weathered and only the top chevron.

The coloring on the clothes look impressive as well where Jason's pants are much darker and full of dirt, much like The Final Chapter.

New Image (via DreadCentral)

This is very exciting for collectors and for fans of the franchise that may be casual collectors and looking for something affordable to display to support the Friday the 13th films. There is a tentative release date for June of this year as of right now. Price has not been made public yet, so stay tuned for that. Big thanks to for posting these stellar images. What does everyone think of these brand new Jason figures?