Friday The 13th Final Girl On Radio This Weekend!

For fans who are unable to attend Horror and Sci-Fi conventions, it is extremely difficult to hear thoughts of actors and crew members who worked on the various Friday The 13th films. That why we feel it's so important to let the fans know when Friday alumni appear on radio shows and on television. Such is the case this Saturday as Amy Steel (Ginny, Friday The 13th Part 2) will be a guest on Delamorte's Dungeon of Deadly Delights.

This week on the Dungeon we continue our Women in Horror Month festivities! But this isn't your typical celebration. We'll be speaking to "the queen of crimson", Philadelphia horror host Karen Scioli, as well as one of the greatest "final girls" ever: Friday the 13th Part 2's Amy Steel!

Talk about a nightmare come true. So join yours cruelly, Barb Breese, Jessica Dwyer, and Julie Ann Prescott this Sinister Saturday, February 11th, at 11:00 pm ET/8:00 pm PST on Jackalope 105!

If you're able to listen this Saturday night, make sure to head over to Jackalope Radio.

Source: Dread Central

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