Rare Jason Lives Promotional Hockey Mask Sold

There were several Jason Lives: Friday The 13th Part 6 promotional hockey masks created using the same mold as the screen used masks utilized by the crew during filming. The most famous of these masks was given to Director John Waters many years ago, who is believed to have since given it to a close friend of his. Recently, one of these rare promotional masks were sold online and the mask and its history are explained at propstore.com, images of mask are below.

This is a promotional Jason mask from the production of the 1986 horror film Friday the 13th: Part VI - Jason Lives. A small number of these masks were created as promotional pieces for the film and were handed out to a select few at the film's red carpet screening. This mask has been created from a flexible plastic and has been painted and detailed to replicate the hero masks seen on screen, including the “axe cut” at the top corner, as well as the red chevron insignia between the eyes. Additionally, the mask features three brown leather straps attached which Velcro together in the back for a secure fit. The entire piece has been distressed to look weathered and aged and remains in good condition. Measures approximately 9” x 10” (23cm x 25cm.)

We have no idea what the mask eventually sol for, but you can bet it was not cheap. A mask created from the same mold as the hero masks and given away as a promotional piece is very valuable! What would you pay for a historical item like this from Friday the 13th?

Source: Prop Store