Friday The 13th Was Part Of Universal Studios Japan Horror Nights

This past Halloween saw another successful Halloween Horror Nights event take place in the United States at both Universal Studios Hollywood and Orlando. There was an absence once again of a Friday The 13th themed attraction in 2012, but that doesn't iterate that Jason Voorhees has been absent from the Halloween event in the past. There was a Friday the 13th 2009 themed attraction for the Universal park in 2010 and that was a huge success. The question has been asked since then, however, when will Jason be back at Halloween Horror Nights?

It's a strong possibility in 2013 that we will get to see Mr. Voorhees once again at the annual Halloween event, but surprisingly, fans in Japan did not have to wait to see Jason's carnage as they were able to experience a Friday The 13th themed event at Universal Studios Japan this past October! Below are the promotional Chiriashi and video for the event with both featuring our favorite Crystal Lake slasher.

If anyone has pics from this event of Jason or the Friday The 13th attraction, please send them in!