Steve Miner Talks Friday The 13th Part 2 At Vancouver Film School

We all know that Steve Miner is not one to discuss or acknowledge his work as a Director on Friday The 13th Part 2 or Part 3 easily, as to date his only official discussion on the films has been in Peter Bracke's book Crystal Lake Memories. Mr. Miner would not even discuss on-camera his thoughts working on the films for the new documentary being released in Spring 2013. So it was surprising to see that a few Summers ago he did indeed discuss Friday The 13th Part 2 and other films and shows he worked on with a class at the Vancouver Film School.

A very interesting note of trivia about the Vancouver Film School is that it is located on the same block that a good portion of the New York scenes were doubled in for Friday The 13th Part 8: Jason Takes Manhattan. Check out our location report on the Diner scene to see the city block that the school is located.

As for Steve Miner's visit, below is what was mentioned on the school's blog:

Director/Producer Steve Miner – whose extensive list of credits includes films like Friday the 13th Part 2, Lake Placid, Wild Hearts Can’t Be Broken, and Halloween H20 and TV series like The Wonder Years, Dawson’s Creek, and Smallville, visited with students in our Film Production program this week.

As Film instructor Bruce Marchfelder moderated, the standing-room-only student audience heard Miner talk about the early days of his career and the lessons he’s learned since those beginnings making classic blockbuster horror films on a $90,000 budget.

It's a pretty rare sight to see Steve Miner and Friday The 13th together in one shot, but here it is.

Source: Vancouver Film School Blog via Scabby Horror Blog